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CAGE, Research Associate

IZA, Research Fellow

Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Research Fellow


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Thijs van Rens


Curriculum Vitae  [download pdf]



Working papers also available at SSRN, Google Scholar and IDEAS/RePEc.

Work in progress

The Economics of Diet and Obesity
with Roberto Pancrazi and Marija Vukotic

Occupational Mobility and Mismatch Unemployment
with Bilge Eris Dereli

Delayed Adjustment and Persistence in Macroeconomic Models
with Marija Vukotic

Why did we think wages are rigid for all those years?
with Seeyu Chan and Stephan Hobler

Heterogeneity, Employability and Macroeconomics
with Christian Merkl

Working papers

The Vanishing Procyclicality of Labor Productivity
REVISED January 2019, with Jordi Gali
First version: August 2008
Revise and resubmit, Economic Journal

Publications (peer-reviewed)

Accounting for Mismatch Unemployment
REVISED January 2019, with Benedikt Herz
First version: February 2011
Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming

Selective Hiring and Welfare Analysis in Labor Market Models
April 2019, with Christian Merkl
First version: March 2011
Labour Economics, 57, pp.117-130

Wage Rigidity and Job Creation
November 2013, with Christian Haefke and Marcus Sonntag
First version: April 2007
Journal of Monetary Economics, 60(8)

Skill-Biased Technological Change and the Business Cycle
October 2013, with Almut Balleer
First version: February 2008
Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(4), pp.1222-1237

Heterogeneous Life-Cycle Profiles, Income Risk and Consumption Inequality
January 2009, with Giorgio Primiceri
First version: February 2006
Journal of Monetary Economics, 56(1), pp.20-39

Should Higher Education Subsidies Depend on Parental Income?
Summer 2004, with Robert Dur and Coen Teulings
Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 20(2), pp.284-297

Education, Growth and Income Inequality
February 2008, with Coen Teulings
First version: January 2001
Review of Economics and Statistics, 90(1), pp.89-104

Publications (other)

Discussion of Is Declining Union Membership Contributing to Low Wages Growth?
RBA Annual Conference Volume 2019, Reserve Bank of Australia

The labor market in the UK, 2000-2016 (with Benedikt Herz)
IZA World of Labor, 2018: 422

Rethinking the skills gap (with Roland Rathelot)
IZA World of Labor, 2017: 391

Case against sugar tax is sugar coated (with Ben Richardson)
The Conversation, September 2016

Paying Skilled Workers More Would Create More Skilled Workers
Harvard Business Review, May 2016

How Important is the Intensive Margin of Labor Adjustment?
Discussion of
Aggregate Hours Worked in OECD Countriesby Lee Ohanian and Andrea Raffo
Prepared for the April 2011 Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Advances in Labor Market Dynamics
January 2012
Journal of Monetary Economics, 59(1), pp.57-63

Older working papers

Organizational Capital and Employment Fluctuations
November 2004

Inequality over the Business Cycle: Estimating Income Risk using Consumption Data
October 2004, with Giorgio Primiceri
First version: July 2002

- Job Search Behavior among the Employed and the Non-Employed by Jason Faberman, Andreas Mueller, Aysegül Sahin, and Giorgio Topa
- Reservation Wages and the Wage Flexibility Puzzle by Felix Koenig, Alan Manning, and Barbara Petrongolo
- What hides behind the German labor market miracle? by Benjamin Hartung, Philip Jung and Moritz Kuhn
- Labor Reallocation and Productivity Dynamics: Financial Causes, Real Consequences by Claudio Borio, Enisse Kharroubi, Christian Upper, and Fabrizio Zampolli
- An Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Labor Market Search by Lars-Alexander Kuehn, Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau and Lu Zhang
- Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents by Nils Gornemann, Keith Kuester and Makoto Nakajima
- Unemployment and Mismatch in the UK by Jennifer Smith
- The Cyclical Behavior of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies in the US and Europe by Alejandro Justiniano and Claudio Michelacci
- Hours Worked over the Business Cycle in OECD Countries, 1960-2010 by Lee Ohanian and Andrea Raffo
- The Propagation of Technology Shocks: Do Good, Labor and Credit Market Imperfections Matter and How Much?
   by Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau and Etienne Wasmer
- Sectoral Labour Market Effects of the 2006 FIFA World Cup by Arne Feddersen and Wolfgang Maennig
- Housing Market Spillovers: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model by Matteo Iacoviello and Stefano Neri
- Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle by Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi
- The Missing Swedish Skill Premium by David Domeij and Lars Ljungqvist
- Not All Oil Shocks Are Alike by Lutz Kilian
- Peer Influence in Higher Education in China by Li Han and Tao Li
- Gold Rush Fever in Business Cycles by P. Beaudry, F. Collard and F. Portier

Notes and comments
- The Incentive Theory of Matching: A Note, March 2010
- Age Effects and the Pre-Sample Evolution of Income and Consumption Inequality, August 2008, with Giorgio Primiceri
- Comment on Gertler and Trigari, April 2008
- Passive Monetary Policy Under Asymmetric Information, April 2008, with Alberto Martin
- The Value of an Educated Workforce: What We Learn From a Comparison of Growth and Inequality Across Countries, February 2008


About the real world

Contribution to the BEIS engagement with academics on the National Minimum Wage evaluation: counterfactual research, November 2018

Written evidence submitted to the Parliament HSCC’s Childhood Obesity Inquiry, resulting in the report Childhood obesity: Time for action, 30 May 2018

I was an Academic Fellow to the UK Parliament, assisting the House of Commons Health Committee on childhood obesity, 2017-2018

On 5 July 2017, I appeared live on the BBC News Channel talking about the poor productivity figures that came out that day. The couple of sentences I uttered were quoted a few times since.

Comments on the sugar tax

The skills gap: Is it a myth? [podcast]
CAGE/SMF Global Perspectives Series: Paper 5, December 2015

Spanish elections and the fiscal crisis
Nieuwsuur” daily news broadcast [video, in Dutch], November 19, 2011

Spanish Labor Market Reform
Roundtable discussion at the 8th trobada of the Barcelona GSE [video], October 22, 2011

Economics and the Arts
This_is_Tomorrow programme by the Warwick Arts Centre. Blog by Matt Trueman.



- EC201: Macroeconomics 2 (Warwick, UG2, 2012/13:II, 2013/14:II, 2015/16:II, 2016/17:I)
- EC9A2: Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis (Warwick, PhD1, 2012/13:II, 2013/14:II, 2014/15:I, 2015/16:I, 2016/17:II)
- EC235: Topics in Applied Economics (Warwick, UG2, 2014/15:II)
- EC9B3: Topics in Macroeconomics and International Economics (Warwick, PhD2, 2014/15:I)
- Macroeconomics (UPF, masters, 2011/12:II, 2010/11:II)
Advanced Macroeconomics I (UPF, PhD1, 2010/11:II, 2006/07:I, 2005/06:I)
Advanced Macroeconomics II (UPF, PhD1, 2011/12:III, 2009/10:III, 2008/09:III, 2007/08:II)
- Topics in Macroeconomics II (UPF, PhD2, 2009/10:II, 2008/09:II)
Topics in Macroeconomics (UPF, UG3, 2009/10:II, 2008/09:II)

Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics
- Advanced Applied Econometrics (OECD, practitioners, 2011:Jan, 2010:Nov-Dec)
- Topics in Applied Economics I
(UPF, second year Ph.D., 2008/09:I)
- Labor Economics (UPF, second year Ph.D., 2006/07:II)



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Conference organisation
Warwick Mismatch Workshop, University of Warwick, 11 May 2015
European Workshop in Macroeconomics, London, 20-21 June 2013
AEA Session on Mismatch and Structural Unemployment, Chicago, January 2012
CREI-CEPR Conference Understanding Jobless Recoveries, 17 Dec 2011
CREI-CEPR Workshop on Changes in Labor Market Dynamics, 5-6 Nov 2010
CREI-Kiel Conference on Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Labor Market, 30-31 Oct 2009



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